DG Launch Open Letter

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DG Launch Open Letter

DG Launch Open Letter

Dear Friends and Colleges,

Since my father, Bill Gorman, passed away, I have pondered how best to honor and continue his legacy. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve found what I think is the perfect solution.

My father staunchly believed in the potential of rental income properties as a path to financial security. He was not only a real estate broker but also a dedicated teacher and mentor.

Our joint mission revolved around “Wealth Building through Real Estate.” Collaborating with my father on his legacy and estate plan allowed us to help clients shape their own legacies.
In 2017, I authored a comprehensive guide on Legacy Planning, and today, I’m excited to introduce “Legacy Planning 2.0 – The Role of the Executor and Successor Trustee.” My experience in these pivotal roles within my father’s estate has provided invaluable insights
and knowledge.

After careful consideration, I also have teamed up with another prominent AAOC leader, Nicholas Dunlap. Nicholas shares my deep roots in real estate, focusing on portfolio management and large institutional multifamily property acquisitions. This November, we are officially launching DG Realty Advisors, carrying forward our commitment to prioritizing our clients’ needs and interests. While the name has changed from W.R. Gorman & Associates, our dedication remains unwavering to providing comprehensive brokerage services with tailored solutions for wealth-building across generations.

Reflecting on my journey with my father, personally and professionally, fills me with deep gratitude. I would like to believe that he would be proud to see his son continue his cherished Gorman legacy in his chosen profession.


Tim Gorman, DRE #01929799
Broker, CPA, Investor
tim@dgrealyadvisors.com | www.dgrealtyadvisors.com