a new era begins

with the next generation

In establishing DG Realty Advisors, the founders – Nicholas Dunlap and Tim Gorman – both drew upon knowledge gained as second-generation of real estate brokers and investors. Their complementary yet diverse backgrounds uniquely shape the innovative approach and services that distinguish DG Realty Advisors.

The dunlap & gorman Mission To utilize technology and best practices in providing investment real estate services that help investors secure their financial futures and preserve their legacies. 

The Dunlap & Gorman Difference

  • Extensive Experience

    Spanning two generations, DG Realty Advisors offers an exceptional depth of understanding of the Orange County market. Expertise in acquisitions, development, property management, marketing, and accounting further facilitates informed decision-making.

  • Client-Centric Approach

    Meeting a client’s goals and needs is the top priority. This means taking the time to actively listen and understand a client’s situation and, then, to offer options and find solutions tailored to each client’s requirements.

  • Innovation and Technology

    Embracing the latest industry innovations and practices enables DG team members to stay ahead of the curve in providing efficient and effective real estate solutions.

  • Trusted Partnerships

    Developing lasting relationships lies at the heart of the DG mission. The goal is to serve as a trusted advisor and partner throughout the entire trajectory of each client’s real estate investment and generational wealth-building journey.

about the founders...

With shared experiences as second-generation brokers growing up in the world of real estate and residential income properties, Nicholas Dunlap and Tim Gorman offer investors a different type of brokerage. Their vision is to provide investment real estate services in combination with generational wealth building consultancy.

Focusing on large, institutional-grade multifamily properties, Dunlap’s expertise encompasses everything from due diligence, financing, and underwriting to business plan development and management strategy. His experience with conventional, low-income, and senior housing provides an expanded perspective on options and opportunities for DG clients.

Gorman, who began his professional career with KPMG and became a Certified Public Accountant, brings a problem-solving approach that leverages his well-honed skills in finance, planning and marketing. As an entrepreneur and investor, he understands the risks and rewards of new ventures, along with the importance of legacy planning and second-generation engagement.

about the team...


Broker – DRE#01929799

Tim Gorman

Tim Gorman’s financial background and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to the problem-solving approach that he has taken during his years as a real estate broker, investor, and, most recently, successor trustee and executor.

Career highlights include:


Broker – DRE#01481417

Nicholas Dunlap

Over the past decade, Nicholas Dunlap has bought and sold over $2 billion in multifamily assets involving more than 15,000 units nationwide. His broad-based experience ranges from small properties to large portfolios. 

Career highlights include:


Agent, Mgr – DRE#01947308

Sonya Loera

As a facilitator and expediter extraordinaire, Sonya Loera combines a background in accounting with years of experience as a real estate agent, transaction coordinator, and office manager. She is well-known as the go-to person for finding the answers and working with all of the parties involved to complete the processes needed –  be it for a real estate purchase, sale or exchange.

Career highlights include: