guidance for a smooth

wealth transition

Created to facilitate a seamless transfer of wealth between generations, DG Coaching offers practical training, essential resources, and one-on-one assistance. The program does not replace the need for tax and legal advisors, but rather advice and tips on considerations and other aspects of estate and legacy planning. The insights shared are based upon the first-hand executor and successor trustee experiences of DG founder, Tim Gorman.

For selected owners of multiple investment properties in Orange County, the DG team provides guidance that begins with defining a legacy plan and the selection of executor(s) and successor trustee(s) then continues with coaching of those selected.  Click Here to view our legacy guide.

Emphasis throughout the program is placed upon the importance of open and transparent communications. Proficiency in utilizing virtual meeting platforms and email is helpful.

This program is provided as a no-cost service to DG clients with the understanding that DG Realty Advisors will serve as the broker of record in any transactions that might result from the planning involved. There are no contracts, just a good faith relationship based upon trust and excellence in service.

The Process

Planning:  Identifying goals, beneficiaries, asset distribution, and charitable giving preferences.

Organization:  Systems for managing essential documents, financial records, and key contacts

Designation:   Vetting and selecting the executor(s) and successor trustee(s).

Implementation:  Working with the designees to provide an understanding of the legal responsibilities, navigate obstacles, and effectively communicate with all parties involved.

Key Components

Initial Consultation: The process starts with an in-depth discussion of estate planning goals, followed by assistance in the selection of executor(s) and successor trustee(s).

One-on-One Coaching:  Interactive sessions with the DG client and selected designees cover essential topics and answer questions about roles and implementation.

Resource Library: Checklists, templates, and guides provide added support and ready references throughout the process.

Ongoing Support:  DG team members work with each client and designee(s) throughout every step of the process.

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